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Nursing Documentation and Communication skills

When it comes to survey time, the old saying
"if it's not documented, it's not done"
comes to mind. Quality long term care nursing documentation
is a key cornerstone of any successful SNF or AL.

Tami can help your nurses hone their assessment
documentation skills so that your residents benefit from quality
nursing assessments which are documented thoroughly and accurately.

at 712-340-0550 for a free consultation!

Virtual Audit Service

Our service includes a free consultation
to help identify your strategic challenges,
and an assessment of how we can help
with remote auditing of your nursing documentation.
Our virtual audit service is available at a nominal cost,
and it will result in a comprehensive report that will
open your eyes to the top three areas of risk
in your nursing documentation system.
The end result includes a no-obligation project plan
with timelines and costs for our training services.
We offer a customized plan designed to help you
obtain quality outcomes as quickly
and smoothly as possible.

We can support you with in-person virtual training sessions
to teach your leaders and/or front-line staff.
That’s how we ensure your success.

Quality Improvement

Tami is passionate about helping
Long Term Care organizations
improve their quality outcomes.
As a former MDS Coordinator, Director of Nursing,
Adminstrator, Quality Manager, and RN Consultant,
she has decades of experience working in
and running LTC organizations.
As an AHCA Quality Award Examiner Team Leader,
she has grown her expertise in the principles of
Quality Improvement. She can help you
make a plan to achieve your quality goals in 2020!

It's Quality Award season, and that means many
Skilled nursing and Assisted Living leaders may
be thinking about whether the time is right to
write a Quality Award Application this year.
Watch the newsletter for more info about
free trainings on the Baldridge Quality Improvement
framework and how it fits into the
AHCA/NCAL quality award program, and
download the free ebook to get 5 tips on
how to write a great Quality award application!

Download The "5 Tips"
E-Book To
Find Out More!

Tami is available for personal coaching
and group training classes, online or in person.

Topics include:
Nursing Documentation,
Root Cause Analysis,
Quality Improvement Principles,
AHCA Quality Award Coaching and
the Baldridge Criteria for Health Care Improvement,
PPDs for nurse leaders,
Long Term Care Trend Tracker,
LTC Health Care Quality Data Analysis,
5 star analysis,
and the Connection between LTC staffing
and Quality results.

Tami is also certified to train Feeding Assistant
classes in Iowa, and can help you alleviate
staffing crunches by training non certified staff
to help feed your residents.